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Durable mechanical bellows seal chemical pump

Posted at: MONday - 21/09/2015 20:11 - post name: admin
The SD series chemical pump are dependable, self priming pumps. The full motor horsepower is translated into flow via the shaft. These pumps are used for a wide range of applications, from chemical transfer to process solution recirculation to waste treatment. This series is capable of self-priming up to 20 feet of lift. The mechanical seal is a self-cooling, Teflon bellows which is cooled by the solution being pumped. The construction materials and seals available make this pump extremely versatile. The horizontal design has a working temperature from 180°F to 260°F (82°C to 127°C), depending on the material of construction, and can handle most chemical solutions. The SD series pumps are designed to run outside the tank or process module. They incorporate a molded base, legs and pump-to-motor casing. There are no bolts or metallic parts in contact with the solution being pumped.
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