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SUPER's patented check elbow Easy to mount and no water hammering

Posted at: MONday - 21/09/2015 20:06 - post name: admin
Patented check elbow at the outlet of vertical pump avoids breakdown and overflow caused by water hammering while shutting down the pump.
While shutting down the pump, the fast running big flow in the outlet pipeline will drop as no new coming flow to support it. The higher the head, the worse the drop. We call the drop flow “water hammering” which might cause malfunction to the pump.
The dropping big flow in vertical pump not only cause water hammering, it also overflow and goes up to touch the bearing because it cannot drain out through the inlet fast enough. Or leakage outside of the tank caused by overflow is also another problem.
The way to solve the problem is the SUPER’s patented check elbow at the outlet pipeline. And it’s more convenient to apply the check elbow to the outlet of the pump.
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