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ST-60N Automatic paper filtration system

Product: ST-60N Automatic paper filtration system, Category: ST-60N

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ST -  60  N
(1)   (2)  (3)
(1)   Type: ST.
(2)   Plate Size: 60-60x60cm.
(3)   Elastomer: N-NBR.
 Model  ST-60N
 Filtration Area  0.36M2
 Paper Size  66cm x 50m
 Hydraulic Motor  2HP
 Air Compressor  2HP or more
 AODD Pump  1"
 Paper Mesh  200~300 mesh
 Power  Made to order
 Weight  1100Kg
1. No pollution design: De-watering by air press. No need to expose to the sun.
2. PLC control system: Fully automatic, easy to control the de-watering time needed according to the viscosity and cake thickness formed. Man-power saving
3. Compact design: Space saving.
4. Continuous paper roll: Save downtime in changing the paper. Shrink the paper mesh to get fine filtration id needed
Ideal for filtration of various chemical solutions containing lots of powder.

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