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Double impellers vertical pump - SVT series pump

Product: Double impellers vertical pump, Category: SVT series pump

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  • Type: vertical centrifugal pump
  • Max. Flow: 350lit/min
  • Max. Head: 14mAq
  • Power: 1/2HP to 2HP
  • Material of head pump: TITANIUM
  • Material of elastomer: NBR/ EDPM/ VITON/TEFLON
  • Material of seal: NBR/EPDM/VITON
  • Specific feature:
    Excellent chemical resistance
    Can run dry without damage
    Single vapor seal prevents corrosive vapors from entering the bearing
    Both flanges of motor have oil seals swing ring to prevent acid vapor from entering the motor
    High efficiency, low operation cost, leakfree operation and easy maintenance.
  • Typical applications:
    Suitable for chemical circulation, cooling, spraying and fume scrubber, waste treatment.
    Plating solutions including electroplating
    Wet processing, cleaning solutions, deliver acids
  • Made in: Super/ Taiwan
Testing fluid: water (specific gravity 1.0)

Model Specific
Power 50Hz 60Hz Weight
HP Phase Pole Max. Flow
Max. Flow
SVT 40SK-1/2 1.1 40x40 1/2 1p/3p 2 180 9 150 9 24
SVT 40SK-1 1.1 40x40 1 1p/3p 2 310 10 300 10 27
SVT 40SK-2 1.1 40x40 2 3p 2 350 14.5 350 17.5 30

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