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Coupling mechanical seal pump - HL series pump

Product: Self-priming mechanical seal pump, Category: HL

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  • Type: centrifugal pump
  • Max. Flow: 880lit/min
  • Max. Head: 35mAq
  • Power: 3HP to 10HP
  • Material of head pump: FRPP/CFRPP
  • Material of elastomer: NBR/ EDPM/ VITON
  • Material of seal: Carbon/Ceramic/ SSIC/ Teflon/ Hastelloy-c/ SUS316
  • Specific feature:
    Excellent chemical resistance
    The remained cycling liquid inside the pump head runs through the Teflon hose and cools the seal while dry running
    Self priming
    Seal are made of various materials such as Ceramic, Carbon, SSIC so can withstand various chemicals.
    The motor shaft extension is coupled to a standard motor and it is made by SUS. Teflon sleeve is installed over the shaft, there is no solution contact between the shaft assembly and chemical solution being pumped.
    The pump connections are standard 1-1/2”, 2”, 3”
    High efficiency, low operation cost, leakfree operation and easy maintenance.
    Fluid specific gravity up to 1.8
  • Typical applications:
    Chemical or water recirculation
    Plating solutions including electrplating
  • Made in: Super/ Taiwan 
Testing fluid: water (specific gravity 1.0)
Model In/let
Power 50Hz 60Hz Weight
Max. Flow
Max. Flow
HL 40032 40x40 3HP, 3Phase, 380v, 2Pole 370 24     82
HL 50032 50x50 1HP, 3Phase, 380v, 4Pole 400 24     82
HL 50052 50x50 2HP, 3Phase, 380v, 2Pole 430 32     85
HL 65052 65x65 2HP, 3Phase, 380v, 2Pole 660 29     86
HL 65072 65x65 3HP, 3Phase, 380v, 2Pole 780 30     122
HL 75072 75x75 3HP, 3Phase, 380v, 2Pole 820 30     122
HL 75102 75x75 3HP, 3Phase, 380v, 2Pole 880 35     127

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